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Mary Gavan

Mary is a story teller and story listener. Trained in her Celtic countries of Scotland and Ireland by her grandparents, Mary learned storytelling the traditional way.

At first, she wanted to be a singer. When her family threatened to disown her if she sang in public, Mary turned to stories which she told at local festivals and clubs.

Initially, she came to Canada for a couple of years but many more have passed. In Canada, she began to explain Celtic ways and slowly emerged as a writer of her own stories. Her stories weave Celtic understanding into modern events with a fine thread of humour.

After years as a palliative care nurse working with people dying at home, she has a fondness for stories involving the Otherworld.

Mary is committed to storytelling; a Past President of the Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada and past organiser of the Vancouver Storytellers. Do, come: Listen! Laugh! Enjoy!

For information on story events, Mary Gavan is happy to answer your queries: [email protected]

Her CD gained a Storytelling World Award.

Also, contact Mary Gavan for her CD: Celtic Otherworld.

Mary wrote and told these stories. Details: